Nellens Aura

Air-headed Bookworm, training to be a guard for the Scarlet Empress, should she ever return


Physical Description

Hair Color: Light blue-lavender
Eye Color: Blue-lavender
Skin Tone: Fair
Body Tone: Light
Height: 5’3"

Other Description

Favorite Food: Noodles, because they can be eaten with one hand while a book is in the other hand
Least Favorite Food: Large sandwiches, steaks, anything that needs two hands to eat
Favorite Color: Light blues, lavenders and pale pinks
Favorite Class: Reading
Least Favorite Class: Anything outside, except Guard Training
Get Away Place: Somewhere high where I can still read, trees and mountains are good
Hobbies: Reading, Guard Training
Aspect: Air
House: Nellens
Immediate Family: Father, Mother (still alive), Twin brother (passed away)


Nellens Aura

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