Cleansing Wave

A Jeweled Collar of Black Jade


A Collar of Dawn’s Cleansing Light (Exalted 2E, pg. 380)


Cleansing Wave is a large, ornate collar of black jade, set with thin strips of lapis lazuli in wave patterns, and studded with fine white pearls. Barely visible pulses of cerulean light wash up and down its wearer every 33 seconds, perfectly washing skin, cleaning clothes, polishing jewelry, and buffing armor til it shines.

Raritas currently has his cape attached to the collar, and incorporates it into every outfit he wears. The collar was gifted to him by the elders of House Nellens as part of his commission to represent the House abroad. They said that it belonged to one of the first Aspects of Water to come of the union between Nellens and the Empress, a grandchild.

Cleansing Wave

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