Second Star to the Right

A Glinting Vest of Starmetal Chain


A Starmetal Chain Shirt (Exalted 2E, pg. 390)


Second Star to the Right does not look like other chainmail shirts. Starmetal is exceedingly rare, so the links are pentagonal bits of consecrated steel, gently dyed in the colors of the Maidens. Two star-shaped clusters of rings are uniformly one color; a yellow cluster in the center of the chest, and a blue one over the wearer’s heart. Thin Starmetal wires are woven through it in an auspicious, though irregular, pattern. Viewed from certain angles, the steel links become less noticeable, and the wires look like a map of an island from a child’s dream of the West, a dream of adventure and eternal youth.

While it can be amusing to stare at the “map” and daydream, Raritas tends to keep the chainmail on beneath his clothes, hidden away so no one recognizes the precious bits of Starmetal woven into it. It was a gift, and a grand one at that, though Raritas has a difficult time remembering who it was that gave it to him…

Second Star to the Right

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