Winterbreath Jar

A large jar that keeps its contents chilled.


A Winterbreath Jar (Oadenol’s Codex, pg. 32)


This particular Winterbreath Jar is wrapped in a tough leather sheath to cushion any falls, and to help disguise its nature. Beneath the leather is an ornate urn of white porcelain with pale blue images of the Imperial Mountain dyed into its surface. A massive cork, wider than a man’s splayed hand, seals the opening. The interior is lined with bands of blue jade, and is large enough to hold a gallon and a half of liquid.

Most of the time, Raritas keeps it stocked with a bottle of sweet wine, a serving of fruit, and a wax paper packet of meat. It was a gift from his father, who explained that a Dynast should always have a fresh meal handy.

Winterbreath Jar

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